• BRF900-N

  • 1、non-contact lock, card
    2、convenient and can be connected to the lock
    3、intelligent security
Technical Parameters
Model BRF900-N
Working Voltage 4pcs AA battery(6V DC)
statical power consumption ≤35uA
Operating current ≤200mA
Storage  Temperature  -20~65℃
Storage   Humidity 10%~98%RH
Operating Temperature  -20~60℃
Operating  Humidity 10%~90%RH
surface treatment  Nickel Brushed
Lock body structure

kirsite cast
voice and light alert
battery life
more than 10000times
Low Voltage Alarm 
Door thickness

prying resistant Alert
back locking function
reading card type T5556 or T5557 card
Emergency card function

 smart software control
The door is not secured alarm function
Size 268*70*25mm