Network access control
  • BKQ-1201-C

  • 1、functional diversity
    2、performance is stable
    3、compatible can be extended
Technical Parameters
Model BKQ-1201-C
Working Voltage 9~12VDC
Operating Current 120mA
Operating Temperature (-30~70)℃
Operating  Humidity 10%~90%RH
Data Storage 52000 cards/200000 records
Data Expansion 104000 cards/400000 records 
Communication Mode RS485、TCP/IP
Transmission Speed RS485 upload  38 groups of personneldata per second, , collect 125 records.   TCP / IP  upload 255 personnel data per second , collect 1300 records
Communication Interface One network interface, two RS485 interfaces 
Reader Interface Protocol  international standard Weigand 26bit/34bit  communication protocol (software settings, the factory default is 26bit)
Card Reader Interfaces  8( internal and externalare  are available  )
Door Lock Relay  four group 
Other Input Interface  each door  provides one set of exit  switch port, one  door sensor interfaces, a door sensor alarm output interface
Expansion Board Interface  fire alarm, bandit police alarm, burglar alarm host, gas alarm  function , each one  group
The Maximum Communication Distance  TCP/IP:100 meters
RS485: 1200 meters 
The Maximum Number of Networking 

RS485: unlimited
TCP / IP: 255 units

Reader Communication Distance  ≥100 meters 
Voice Prompt  ≥80db
Lock Size 360*260*83mm