How to install an electromagnetic lock

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      I Installation Diagram


挂条:Mounting  plate

连接螺钉(已安放在锁体内): Install the screws which had been tightened in the lock body.

安装挂条:Install the mounting plate

安装锁体:Install the lock body

U型架:U-shape Bracket     螺套:Screw Bush

定位孔:positioning hole   螺钉:screw   吸板:suction plate  橡胶垫圈:ruber washer

玻璃门:Glass Door

木门或金属门:Wooden Door or Metal Door

挂装式安装示意图:Installation Diagram

吸板:suction plate

双联电磁锁:Twin EM Lock

双联外推门:Two pull door

电磁锁:EM Lock

内推门:Push Door


      II L-shape Bracket Installation








      III ,Notice





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