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1.General ways for TCP / IP access controller Communication failures  

First ,the following keys may help you easier find the problem : 

Does it happened when the door access control system is installed or fail to communication after use for some time ? 

Does there any network-related settings and restrictions made by the administrator ?


Tools needed 

Available access controller in case of replacement  


Laptop with network port

A small HUB with four port 


Note: The network-based access control system communication failure investigation, some knowledge of the network is requirement for the technician , or assistant of the administrator . Its  principle is same as a computer with NIC   in Local area network .You can have a test for the access controller in a small local area network or a network with a small HUB to make sure the access controller is OK or not  

Please do not use staggered wire to connect the computer and the controller  to test, because this connection type is not available . It is recommended to use Straight-through cable to connect the access Controllers and NIC to the  HUB and test 

Chapter One 

small Local Arear network   (the same network segment,simple structure and in the same router)


Access Controller light Rx (Link), if light on , indicating the line is connected, if not on , it may be: 

Cable lines cut off, 

Cable terminal is not ready, is virtual, 

RJ45 network terminal does not plugged into  the HUB or the access controller 

HUB  is no power 

Cable line sequence is not a straight-through cable


If the access  controller  light Rx (Link) on , indicates wiring is generally no problem, continue the following tests:

Open the access controller  management software, in the [Basic Settings]- [controller] interface, select [LAN] Click [Search] 

Note: [search] tool is only used within a small local area network, large-scale cross-search is not available . :

If you click [search] ,the access controller communication indicator is  not respond, then there is problem for the wire 


The Rx Tx lights is flashing, but the software  search feedback interface  does not display the related information related of the access controller, then the computer may set up a firewall , operating system,Please release the corresponding limit in the【firewall】of computer【control panel 】(after the XP operating system is installed , the firewall is turned on,please  turn off), or notify the administrator to release the corresponding network restrictions. 

If you can search out the access controller, while not on the [total] communications console, then you may need to modify the IP of access controller.

Other problems : 

NIC is good or not ?,network cable is good or not . Terminal is well contactor not .you can test by a computer . 

The second chapter 

Medium and large  networks (with inter-network settings): 

If it is a large cross-segment of the LAN, it can not communicated by choose  【small LAN 】l to communicate, you need to select the [WAN] option, and set the IP address,  the same way as setting a computer , you can ask the administrator for help .


Possible problem for no communication : 


Does there some limit for the firewall of the customer’s network . 

Does Network and IP settings are correct. 

Whether set the same IP  with other NIC or computer and caused the  conflict. 

Our device uses the default port is 8000, if the customer's network port is limited, please release the limits of network ports, or ask for an available port number, set up the port number in our software .

Note: set up a small network, and then into a large network in use. If there is a communication problem, you can test in  a small network  to make sure the access controller is good or not 


Chapter III   

networked access control system via the Internet 

Note: set up a small network, and then put the Internet in use. If there is a communication problem, you can test in a small network  first  to make sure the access controller is good or not  


Possible problem for no communication : 

Whether apply for the available virtual domain, whether the virtual domain filled out correctly. 

Virtual domain time is available at this period or not , his server is normal (maybe under maintenance, try again in a few hours). 

Router settings are correct. 

Whether use the  specified models of routers we recommended  (other routers may not support the same features, or setting method is not the same as our setting manual is based on our recommended models 


2,Cause analysis for the suction of electromagnetic lock does not pull on  ? 

Magnetic locks is also called electromagnetic locks,  two phenomenon for the problem : one is no suction at all , the other is not enough suction. Mainly  reason may due to the source of electrical and mechanical or installation.


3 when using the electric bolt lock , reasons for the lock latch does not go up or down 

The following problem 

The operator set normally open state in the access controller software. 

Door button is stuck, always in a depressed state. 

Voltage is not enough, or there is no voltage at all  (such as line breaks, or the power supply is broken , etc.).


Disk is too far from the lock or door is not in place, the floppy disk with the corresponding lock is not vertical, but an offset, no induction produced .

Time delay is set for the electric lock ,the lock latch will not down before the setting time delay is over . 0-9 seconds are available for setting , generally do not set the  time delay, 

The electric lock is  broken.


Reasons for the bolt lock latch does’t return back : 

The operator have set normally closed mode in the access controller system . 

Lock may be stuck, for example: dust is get into the lock body , or mechanical defects . (This situation is major , but generally does not appear, pay attention that do not install the electric lock on the ground, the electric bolt lock should be installed at the top of the door, and it is not easy to get into dust , choose a good brand )


4.Access control system failure examination and an indispensable tool  

General tools 



Purpose: Measure the  voltage is normal or not , the  circuit is cut or not 

Prepare a set of available devices :

RS485 and TCP communication controller ,each  one set 

ID and IC card reader, one each set 

ID card IC card ,each few pieces 

A electric bolt lock , one RS485 converter  

Standard power supply ( above 12V 5A above)    one piece 

Usage : Replacement 

Small flathead screwdriver 

Function : Remove terminals lines 

Vigorously Phillips screwdriver 

Function : Removing the controller board , the chassis, power supply and so on.

Computer : 

Requirements with a serial or USB port or with a converter, with Ethernet port. 

Function :  For test, find out the problems of the computer or operation system 


Network hub HUB: (twenty or three good straight-line wire with  crystal head) 

Build a small LAN environment to test whether there is a communication problem  with TCP controller. Test pencil: 

 Does  there leakage in PC and access controller .

AC Firewire position. 

120 ohm terminating resistor: 

Some special occasions to improve anti-jamming capability of 485 lines. 


Some different floors, two people are needed to finish the examination and communicate each other .A phone is also available .

Common method 

Software test:


[Detection] method: 

First, start the management software, enter into [management of access devices ] select the door which is failure ,press [ monitor list], the running software information will prompted the  related failures, then you can solve accordingly n  Such as : software has  set some advanced settings class. Or the user set to open the door by Multi-cards which is not on purpose and cause the door can not open 

【Real-time monitoring method】  

Real-time monitoring is in  corresponding with the  indicator of signing card ,contribute to finding the problem . 

Corresponding communication indicator helps to find communication failure. 

Helps to find communication failure  of TCP /

Indicator judgment method::

CPU indicator: 

Normally , CPU indicator is flashing. If always on or off , then there may problems for the power supply , or  access controller chip is damaged, or crash. 

CARD indicator method: 

As long as  sign the card at any card reader of  the  access controller, the card number will transfer , the indicator will flash . If the indicator does not respond  after the card is signed , then the problems may be the following : 

The  circuit between the reader to the controller is broken, or data wire is  connected wrong  or reversed. 

Reader output format is wrong. 

Card Reader broken. 

Reader input port controller is  burned.

ERR fault indicator: 

Normally it is off , if flashing or always light on , problems may be: 

Controller chip  is burned, memory disorders and needs to be formatted. Or other fault, please contact the manufacturer technical staff .

Communication indicator: 

RS 485 Access Controller: 

Rx light indicates the controller receives signals (including normal and interfering signals) 

Tx light indicates the access controller sends a signal

TCP  access controller: 

Rx (Link) light on means the wiring is OK . (There may not  detect some special problems that already exist, can only say it is normal.) 

Tx light flash means it is communicating .

Substitution method: 

Equipment replacement method: 

With assured good equipment (usually tested, often used  device) to replace suspected faulty equipment, to see whether the symptom disappears.

If disappear, there may be a problem for the  device. But not completely sure, because, if it is a fault or environmental factors, may not show up immediately or over time it may do harm to device for some time . 

If the suspect equipment is good after  detection alone, it may be the wiring and other environmental issues,you  should continue to find fault sources actively ,  

Laptop replacement method: 

Can determine whether a client’s  computer or operating system  contains problems, or wrong setting .


 Exclusion contrast method:

If more than one device, but only one device contains  problems, if it os  not the equipment’s problem .then there  must be something different places outside caused this particularity. 

If multiple devices have the same problem, it is unlikely that all the devices are broken, there must be one and the same factors that caused all devices have the same fault features, then find the same key point is to find the source of the fault.

If you suspect one  equipment contains problem, first withdraw all his external devices to see if there are problems, if there is no problem, it must be an external device caused the failure, then load various external devices, and load a test , to see what is causing the load failure. If after  withdrawal  all external devices ,there are still  problems, there may have been related to the device itself and its own factors, such as the power supply.

If there is a system contains  more than one device, fear that it is the impact that cause the problem , then consider dichotomy to evacuate all equipments, which helps accelerate the speed of  finding  fault. 

For example: if a system has eight controllers ,you can consider disconnecting the back four, and then disconnect the remaining four sets .


If you want to add other devices (eg: three turnstiles,  Barrier, elevator ,automatic door bells, etc.), please contact our technical personnel to communicate the precautions, it is better to provide a detailed specification of the external device. So that we can provide you with professional advice.


5, Put the valid card close to the card reader, if beeper rings for one time , LED indicator light turns green, but the door did not open.  What’s the Possible reason?

1) wiring between the controller and the electric lock is incorrect; 

(2)  Whether the power supply of electric bolt lock  is normal. Usually ,Power output voltage of about DC12V,if low voltage such as  11V DC or less, may lead to the failure  driver  to the access control relay, which cause that the door is not opened when scan the card or press the exit button ; If the real-time monitoring through the access control software, then there will be record for opening the door and allow to enter the door .

(3) Electric bolt  lock failure; electric  bolt  have abnormalities, such as mechanical tongue stuck or damaged. 


6, The  card reader use for some time normally , if do not read the card ,produce strange sound or light prompt . What’s the possible reason?

(1) The  access controller has failed. Some failure of the access controller may cause a malfunction of the corresponds card  readers , such as a clock failure,whether  the controller is faulty, you can view the software by detecting information or controller board ERR fault indicator flashes to determine (normally ERR indicator is off), if the software detects there is clock failure for the access controller , then  first calibrate the  time of access controller , as it indicates that the access controller is OK if it works well after the time calibration , otherwise the controller needs repair; 

(2) The card reader suffers the  interference field. The phenomenon is that if test by only  connect the card reader to the power supply only , the reader is normal. In this case you need to consider the environment , For example : the access  controller is connected to the chassis power AC AC220V three-core cable or not , there is no real ground; power load is too large or not ; whether short distance between the card  reader, such as back to back installation level separation distance of less than 30 cm;  the card reader is installed directly on the metal surface, no metal or padded surface under hollowed reader card reader; whether the reader is surrounded by high-power equipment;

(3) The  card reader is damaged. The Phenomenon is that test by only connected to a separate power supply , the reader is still unnormal , and that readers need to do maintenance treatment.


7,What hazards may  exist if the device is not grounded in ? 

Some customers in order to facilitate wiring or cost savings, do not do ground handling , For example :as for AC220V AC ,only connnect a 2 wire or 3 wire , but  actually not the real ground, chassis, the power supply is not grounded , etc., in such construction  way ,there may exit a lot of engineering problems:

(1) We know that the voltage of the device is in accordance with the ground-referenced, if not ground, it may cause not common among different devices, due to the different reference potential, have a certain potential difference affect normal operation, prone to lock unlocking ,  abnormal sound and light for the card reader ; 

(2) In addition,  the working of the electronic equipment is easy to accumulate static electricity, grounding can effectively prevent the generation of static electricity, as well as due to environmental electromagnetic radiation interference and power to the device itself, and may cause to the reader fail  to read the card, communication barrier , equipment crashes and other problems, the ground can effectively reduce such problems;

(3) In addition, the ground on lightning protection also has a good effect, if not grounded, the device  will be more vulnerable to lightning damage. Thus, in the actual construction, do not ignore the grounding of the equipment, according to our experience , some unusual problems of access control systems arise ,  is directly related to the wiring on-site construction and whether  do ground handling , please note !


8, If the access control system failure, is there a way to respond? 

We know that the electronic products may have been damaged and malfunction, for access control systems, so if there is a solution in advance? or  if  a problem occurs, how to deal with is a case .

1, If the reader is broken, then the door would not open, we can consider replacing the card reader, you can off the external AC220V ,install  the exit  button by remote controller  to open the door on the system  in advance to ensure the entrance 

2, If the power if cut off , the normal lock will out of work and the door is opened . To avoid this situation, we can add a  power supply or UPS to supply the power . Of course, you can also use another type of  electric lock, called electric strike lock , this type of electric lock ofter with a key , same type as electric control lock , but it does not meet fire safety requirements and can not be  installed on the Fire door, so pay attention to the actual use of the application environment, considering all aspects, and make the system more perfect 


9, How the access controller manage the elevator? Can it be linked with the building intercom ? 

1,The access controller is  to control the elevator floor number buttons, only after sign the card , the corresponding number keys floor privileges is  valid,and meet the function of arriving to the  designated floor by sign the card 

2, The card reader is mounted on the elevator floor button panel may be an IC or ID,of course, the reader can be replaced as biometrics, such as fingerprint, face recognition device, etc. vein recognition wiegand format output format  is available ,the controller  is mounted on top of the elevator car, means of communication using TCP mode, use  the common communications network lines, if the distance between  access controller  and switches is too long ,  you can consider using an external switch or long distance wireless communication module ;

3, The  access controller is powered down, or if there is a fault, the system will automatically enter to the  safe mode, which automatically revert to the manual mode which access controller is installed to ensure system security 

4, Building intercom: is an independent system,  for two different companies , if there is no specific system development between the elevator and the building intercom .was not able to  linkage  each other , so our stairs access controller do not support the building intercom system linkage, but Our company  has concern on it and  try to collect the date ,and assume the possibility of  upgrading our products .to achieve compatibility with the main brands of building equipments , to provide more support for our customers.


10、How to connect the fingerprint machine and access controller ?

All output interface with international standards Wiegand26 fingerprint head (fingerprint machine, fingerprint identification equipment, etc.) can easily  connect to our  access controller and make an safety t access control  

Method: Fingerprint ID may be through fingerprint device with a keyboard, the number automatically  output  in  wiegand26 international standard protocol to access control, access control system when the customer put the fingerprint .  You need only to  register  the "card" column Numbers in the access control management software  . No. 0-999 can not be used In the software management system,, the number is easy to  crack if the letter is too less , it is recommended to set 4-8 digit number. You can also network through 485 series fingerprint device, fingerprint software for fingerprint registration and number, and then sent to each fingerprint serial devices via a computer.

Some fingerprint machine  in the market with a machine outputs, for example: you set the fingerprint number is 222, the results of fingerprint device output is 1222,the letter 1  in front represents his machine number, in this case, you register the software that the user should use 1222 registration, can not use 222, you can get the true number by using the real-time monitoring transfer . 

Expert advice: There are many fingerprint access control machine in market ,the  fingerprint  and access control circuit done in  one  machine, placed outside the door, in fact,  it is very unsafe,  the controlled portion exposed to outsider, people can easily  get through the door by opening the device short circuit control loop , then it lost the original intent of highly secure biometric , although some access machine have set up a tamper alarm, but it does not work for people is little know about access control system  . The Fingerprint Access Control System solutions we  provided,  is of high safety ,but is inconvenience for the setting of fingerprint , it is said that fingerprint equipment from  abroad can automatically generated the number based on fingerprint special ID card, and now this device has not spread to domestic , we'll see.

Fingerprint devices exist reject rate (due to  dirty, distortion, and other reasons, the fingerprint device does not accept your fingerprint) comparison of slow (small capacity) the high cost ,easily damaged, but there are biometric portable,not easy to copy ,high safety , etc., we recommend you buy a fingerprint device according to your requirement , do not  follow the trend, or  pursuit of fashion. We believe that the suitable one to the customer is the best one . Although fingerprint technology in recent years has get big progress, and the popularity of technical and price threshold threshold is always present.


11. How to connect the fingerprint machine and access controller ,and the use method and Precautions .

Feature :

One Wiring mode :


The fingerprint machine with Wiegand output interface can be combined with the use of the controller, the default output is Wiegand 26, Wiegand output line identification is generally D0, D1. When the fingerprint machine and access controller  wiring, as long as connect  D0, D1, GND in  correspondence in the fingerprint machine and access controller .Generally , Fingerprint machines use its own power supply, if the fingerprint machine has no power supply , then it require the fingerprint access controller to  get power from the access power supply , do not take power from the card reader terminals of  the controller.


Two :Recognition mode :


Current identification methods: fingerprint, card ( usually ID card ), fingerprint + password, ID number + password, fingerprint + card. Not all fingerprint have all the identification methods ,  generally the access controller have fingerprint ,fingerprint + password, ID number + password, identification of these three ways.


Three ;Output mode :

Characteristic of  fingerprint machine: only legitimate users (registered fingerprints) have a Wiegand signal output, Output a Wiegand 26 number to the access controller, this number is fingerprint machine number + user ID (ID number). For example, the fingerprint machine number is 2, the fingerprint user number is 10002,then  the number displayed in the access control software inside is 210002, put the number as a card  number, registered in the software and access authorization can open the door by fingerprint . 

Fingerprint machine in use FAQ:

First, the user pressed the fingerprints on the fingerprint machine, why access control software does not show up, no number generator? 

A: There are two possible situations: 

1, first ,the user need  registered on the fingerprint machine, after the registration is successful,in  the access control software, automatically add or real-time monitoring, the number will be generated by the fingerprint. 

2, The GND at the fingerprint machine and controller positions fingerprint reader on the GND is not connected, if the fingerprint machine is powered separately, the GND must be connected, otherwise there will no  Wiegand signal output.

Second, The opening mode of the user used : card, why the card number the fingerprint machine is displayed is not the same with what displayed in the software ? how to make it consistent? 

A: When the fingerprint machine reading the card , generally the card number is  the original one , namely 10 card number,  the fingerprint output the Wiegand 26 signal, what output is machine number + user number. Contact the fingerprint machine manufacture 

Third, opening mode of  fingerprint machine users : card + fingerprint, why sign the card, the door did not open?


Reply : When the fingerprint machine output the  Wiegand 26  signal, is produced  after the user's fingerprint identification. As above, the use of credit card + fingerprint, it requires the user to press the fingerprint  after sign the card ,after the completion of these two  recognition , fingerprint machine will have a Wiegand signal output together.


Four, if the user uses multiple fingerprint machine, then it may appear the repeat enrollment in the access control software, how to avoid this problem? 

Reply: Indeed ,it may happens , because fingerprint machines generally have their own numbers,  when output the wiegand signal ,Wiegand number varies depending on the  different output of the machine numbers are , such as 10001 and 20001, is Wiegand No. Of the same person who output in two fingerprint . To solve this problem, depending on whether the fingerprint machine have the  set free machine number output function, that is  only output the user ID, and the user ID is unique, so no need to repeat the access control software registered.

Five ,  does the fingerprint machine and access control software can be integrated into a software, that is, after the fingerprint software registration, you do not need to register the access control software. 

A: This is certainly not available , because they are two  software from different companies, certainly not integrated into a software

Six, if the user wants to use illegal card alarm function on the fingerprint machine, how to achieve? 

Answer: This feature can not be achieved because as for the fingerprint machine ,only a legitimate user will have Wiegand signal output, illegal fingerprint have no .


Seven, if the user wants to use the duress password function  fingerprint machine , how  to set in the access control software ? 

Answer : Although there is duress fingerprint alarm function, but the signal the fingerprint machine output , the controller can not treat it as a stress password, but only as a legitimate Wiegand number. If customers want to use this feature ,only through fingerprint machine alarm itself .


Eight, 485 fingerprint machine  and 485  access controller networking networking , can share a serial port and a wire ? 

Answer : Although there are 485 communication way , but in the actual wiring, it is best to go their wire , there may be interference with each other, or cause problem for the  maintenance .


Nine , How to open the door by  multi-fingerprint , how to operate? 

Answer : This function is available , but requires access control software to enable multi-card to open the door function , how to use the multi-card ? please refer to the instructions.


Ten,  if customers using multiple fingerprint machine and controller software, because the fingerprint  machine  software have no free machine output function ,which resulting in  access control software, the same person has multiple card , in this situation, how to check attendance? 

A: In this case, it is best not to use access control machine to do the attendance , but to use the fingerprint software to do attendance. If you must use access control  software to do attendance , then you  can only specify one card reader access control software to do the attendance.and no others .


12, Will the door open automatically when the power supply is cut off ? How to use access control system by batteries during a power outage?

After a power failure, all doors must be opened immediately, this is a fire management requirements in case of sudden power failure  when the building is on fire ,for the convenience of  immediately fled of employees. As for some key doors ,you can install mechanical locks or use power supply,so  the door can use in 

Our  dedicated access  are equipped with charge and discharge power function, that is UPS backup power, simply need to add a standard 7AH 12VDC battery to  guarantee a  card reader , an access  controller, an electric bolt locks  to continue work for 4-8 hours after power outage . If the customer requests a longer back-up power, you can charge several  same model batteries in parallel, which can extend backup power discharge time. Or the charging time will be longer. Generally,it requires 10-24 hours , if parallel charging,it needs a longer charging time, but do not worry, for the power is not cut off often .


13 .For double glass door ,if install two electric bolt lock ,after some time ,one of the lock latch can not drop , sometimes ,another ,what’s the problem ?

Two reasons : 

Chapter one :Power 

Power problems are divided into two types: 

One is the lack of electricity supply, the power supply is not enough, or the actual power can not  reach the nominal power. You can change a more powerful power supply to have try, the better the power supply is bigger ,no  much side effects to the system . Please note , enough voltage does not mean the power is enough , the enough working voltage and current is needed .

The other  reason is non-standard wiring, causing the electrical problems. For example: the  wire between access controller and lock is not enough crude. The wire between access controller to lock needs 50 meters, use  1.0 square millimeter . If more than 50 meters distance , then need  2.0 square millimeter  power cable, or  put two 1.0 square millimeter cable into one . Another thing to note, if a  1.0 line need to contact with two electric bolt locks, it means that only 0.5 lock supply area for each , therefore,it  requires two locks were walking the line of 1.0 separately . Some Irregularities operation way  , such as using a network cable to supply power , cable is 0.2 square millimeter , is far from  the requirement , even if the distance is very short , network cable is not available .


Chapter  two :the electric bolt lock have been broken: 

According to my experience ,this situation would be more common. When the electric bolt lock is going bad but not completely bad, the current will be abnormal,the  phenomenon may be that a  electric bolt lock grab the power of another lock, making the lock latch bolt can not get down. The best way to deal with this problem  is to have this two electric bolt lock replaced .

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