Solutions for potential problems of magnetic lock

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Elimination Method

Can not lock

Line fault or too low voltage

To check the line, test the voltage whether is normal or not

The power line is too thin or too long so as it may results in the voltage drops too quickly.

To change the power line( select a thick one)

The power supply maybe is out of work so as there is no any voltage.

To repair or change a new power supply

You may make a mistake at the positive and negative poles

To check the polarity and then correct it.

There is no power output

To check whether the lines from the access controller and the power supply are correctly connected to the point of NC. Besides, to check the settings to access controller is right or not. After all, different controller has the different wiring, please do it under the instruction.



Tension is not enough

The absorption surface maybe has not touched completely.

To check the absorption surface whether is damaged which will result in incompletely closed. You need to repair it or change a new one.

The suction plate may be  fixed very very tight

To check the rubber washer whether has been put into the locating pin of suction plate. To adjust the set screw so as to let the suction

The door is out-shape or shifting. Or the absorption surface did not completely touch.

To adjust the suction plate which had been fixed with door-frame, so as to keep the suction plate and the lock completely touch

There is blot or other things on the absorption surface.

Please to clear the blot. If there is rust, you have to repair it or change a new one.

The power is not enough.

Please check the voltage and current by using multimeter.

The power line of lock is too thin or too long.

Please use a better power line which is thicker and shorter and it had better no longer than 20m

The lock maybe is of bad quality

To Repair it or change a new one.

Can not open the door

You did not cut the power

To check the unlock control circuit of the access controller or the power supply is correct or not. Please noted that the EM Lock is power-off lock type, so just cut the power, the door will open.

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