How to select the right wire

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Wire between electric bolt lock and access controller

Recommendation :two-cores power supply line , cable cross-sectional area above  1.0 mm2 . If the distance is more than 50 meters thicker wire  or parallel strand lines is better choice , not more than 100 meters.The wire between door magnetic and access  controller, it is recommended to select two-cores wire , diameter is 0.22 mm2 or more ,Door  magnetic lines can be removed if you do not need to know the door status online  or alarm function for Illegal intrusion and  interlock  .

Wire between card reader and access controller

Card  reader wiring cross-sectional area ≥ 0.22 square millimeter , CAT5E wire , super CAT5E wire are available . If you do not need a card reader feedback through sound and lighting to distinguish legal and illegal card card, then it is no need to contact  BEEPER (blue) and LED (Brown) wire , it is better if data cable Data1, Data0 twisted each other; the distance between  card reader and access  controller  can not be over 100 meters, it is recommended within 80 meters. If the distance between card reader and  access controller is  more than 50 meters, Bold  wire or more shares of  wire are needed to power supply power to the card reader , which helps enhance the reader performance.

Wire between exit button and access controller

It is recommended to use two-core wire and the diameter is above 0.22 square millimeter

TCP / IP communication wire

Same as computer network cabling, with an ordinary network between access controller and switch or HUB , less than 100 meters away, the longer the distance is ,the higher quality of the wire are needed . Recommends you to use branded cable

220V AC power supply wire

Using a three-wire  core power supply wire , cord cross-sectional area above 1.0 square meters, and requires power must be grounded to prevent power disturbances.

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