How to install the electric bolt lock

Date: 2014-05-06Read: 706


It may difficult to understand from picture only after you install a lock yourself first , difficult for the first time and then become easier and more efficient 

Before installation, think first according to  installation diagram, once the  keyhole once dug, it is very difficult to recover or re-dug. 

Installation diagram of 1080SS electric bolt lock 
1.Close the door first and make sign for the installation position of the lock 
2. Put the sticker in center 
3. Use an electric drill or other device to dig two 5.5-6.0mm extension hole to fix the drill hole sink 5.5mm*10mm .
4.Use Use hand-held cutters or other devices to cut out the hole 
5.Install the electric bolt lock 
6. Diagram after installation  

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