• 1080S

  • 1、concealed installation, beautiful appearance
    2、high security, not easy broken and open
    3、normally open normally closed multiple choice
    4、scope of application is wide
Technical Parameters
Type 1080S
Working Voltage 12VDC
Operating Current 0.45A
Static Current 0.45A
Ambient Temperature  -20~55℃
Relative Humidity 10%~90%RH
The distance of Inductive ≥10mm
Fail safe Power on locking/Power off unlocking
Scope of application Glass Door,Wooden Door,Iron  Door
Door-opening Angle 180°
Time Delay Adjustable
Latch Bolt tamper-resistant  Function
Voltage Protection circuit
Mutiple Locking
NO/NC Switch
Signal Output of Lock status
Signal Output of Door status
Trigger signal Output of Auto-door
High&Low level control unlocking
Dimension 203*34*43mm