• 1086S

Technical Parameters
Type 1086S
Working Voltage 11~24VDC
Operating Current 1.15~0.8A
Static Current 0.21~0.09A
Ambient Temperature  -20~55℃
Relative Humidity 10%~90%RH
The distance of Inductive ≥10mm
Fail safe Power on unlocking and Power off unlocking can automatic conversion
Scope of application Glass Door,Wooden Door,Iron  Door
Door-opening Angle 180°
Time Delay Adjustable 0S,2.5S,5S,8S
Latch Bolt tamper-resistant  Function
Voltage Protection circuit
Mutiple Locking
NO/NC Switch
Signal Output of Lock status
Signal Output of Door status
Trigger signal Output of Auto-door
High&Low level control unlocking
Dimension 210*28*43mm