• 1091S

  • 1、concealed installation, beautiful appearance
    2、high security, not easy broken and open
    3、normally open normally closed multiple choice
    4、scope of application is wide
Technical Parameters
Type 1091S
Working Voltage 10~24VDC
Operating Current 0.8A
Static Current 0.15A
Ambient Temperature  -20~55℃
Relative Humidity 10%~90%RH
Type of Locking Magnetic Induction
The distance of Inductive ≥10mm
Fail safe Power on locking,Power off unlocking
Scope of application Glass Door without frame
Door-opening Angle 180°
Time Delay Adjustable 0S,2.5S,5S
Voltage Protection circuit
Signal Output of Lock status
Signal Output of Door status Customize
Low level control unlocking
Dimension 165*58*48mm