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Q2009-CAccess controller


Category:Access controller

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Release time:2019-02-22

performance parameter
Type Q2009-C
Working Voltage 12VDC
Static Current ﹤50mA
Ambient Temperature  -25~60℃
Relative Humidity 10%~90%RH
Card Capacity 1000
Code Capacity 1000
Fingerprint Capacity
Error Rate
Refuse Rate
Open door  Mode Card/Password/Card + password
Safety Mode
Magentic Contacts
Reader Function
External Reader Customize(BECK Reader Only)
Type of Reading Card  ID or EM Compatible card
Master Card Function
SD Card Data transmission
Supper Password Function
 Deploy Defense and Cancel
Dimension 110*100*21mm


technical parameter
Data download
Q2009-C控制器说明书 download