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Q2001-CAccess controller


Category:Access controller

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Release time:2019-02-22

performance parameter
Type Q2001-C
Working Voltage 12VDC
Static Current ﹤30mA
Load current 1A
Alarm output 50mA
Ambient Temperature  -25~60℃
Relative Humidity 10%~90%RH
Storage Capacity 500 Passwords & Cards
Distance of Reading card 1~150mm
Type of Reading Card  ID or EM Compatible card
Door Magnetic Function
Time Delay Adjustable 0~99S
Open door  Mode Card/Password/Card + password
Safety Mode
 Deploy Defense and Cancel
Monitoring function of Door status
Dimension 118*118*21mm


technical parameter
Data download
Q2001-C控制器说明书 download